A nickel for your harp

Ever heard of a Nyckelharpa? If you have perhaps you are Swedish, or you were at our super fundraising evening with the Swedish congregation last night. The Swedes share our premises as in they meet once a month in our Church, and have been doing for many years. They were more than happy to agree to host an evening for us in our Church hall.

swedishFor Fr35 per head, less for children, the happy guests got a three course meal of typical Swedish food, as well as live musical entertainment from members of their group. Even their vicar played the guitar and sang along – he is a cool vicar. Another guy was playing the Nyckelharpa, which apparently he had even made himself. The songs were all sung in Swedish, but a good number of the 60 to 70 guests could understand them. Some people had come along specifically because they were learning the Swedish language and wanted to hear more.

For the rest of us, we stuck to english, or maybe swiss german, with the odd Skål and tack thrown in for effect.

Our enormous thanks go to the people of the Swedish congregation who put on a great evening, and worked very hard, before and after, plus donated all the food. Tack så mycket , vi har haft det mycket. Plus in total we raised Chf 2688 for our appeal fun.

If you would like to hear the sound of a Nyckelharpa then check out this video from Griselda Sanderson on youtube, where she demonstrates first the principles of playing one and then plays it. It sounds great.


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