The gift of song

Isn’t music a wonderful thing? Music is something that all ages enjoy and which brings people together. This weekend St Ursula’s was proud to host the Swiss Archdeaconry Choir Festival, a joyous event where several Choirs from Churches in Switzerland and also singers from the UK came together to sing together under the directorship of Gordon Appleton, and with the accompaniment of organist Mark Jones.

Gordon retired recently after nearly twenty years as a staff member of The Royal School of Music. He has directed many RSCM courses for children and adults in the UK and other countries. He previously lived and taught in Jamaica where he was Organist and Choirmaster of Kingston College, and in Australia where he taught in schools and was for seven years Organist and Master of the Music at St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Perth.

Over the 2 day period the choirs performed together culminating in a magnificent Evensong on Saturday evening, and Eucharist this morning. The singing was beautiful, and Mark got more out of our organ than any of us had realised it was capable of. We all felt very privileged to have been a part of it, whether singing or listening.



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