Ensuring our future – 2016 fundraising appeal

An earlier blog post mentioned that we were trying to raise money this year in order to do some urgent energy related repairs to our premises. We have been blessed to receive all the money from one anonymous doner. However, even though we have received the 250’000 CHF we initially wanted for our energy and sustainability measures, we are still focusing on fundraising this year. The reasons why:

We are solely self-financing and our income is falling every year.

At the current rate of gap between income and expenditure, we will have only 3 to 4 years left before we will have to make drastic cuts.

  • We need to raise at least an extra CHF 30 000 per year to stay where we are financially.
  • There are still a lot of projects we could be doing if we had more money including new audio visual equipment, or more ministry work with refugees, youth and the elderly.

We have had some great ideas that we really want to carry on with including an Ebook where all our members plus a few celebrities can contribute letters and stories. We have also received support from fellow churches and will be having fundraising dinners with a Swedish and a Danish theme, and maybe some African themed ones later.

our website will be updated with all the news on the fundraising ideas and how people can get involved in the near future. A link to our website you can find  under bookmarks on the right and direct to the appeal pages here

Our Church of the future will be warm and welcoming. Allelulia!




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