Arty idea


One of our many ideas to raise money is an Art exhibition. The idea is that some of our talented church members plus any interested artists can exhibit their work in the Church, perhaps over a 2 to 3 day period, and ideally sell some of the works as well.

Proceeds would be split with the church, and we could offer tea and cakes as well as refreshments. The idea of an entrance fee is still up for discussion, perhaps a donations box would be better.

What we are lacking however is somebody to run with this idea and organize it. So maybe it will not happen. I think if it is meant to happen, then we will get the right person coming forward.

What do you think? Would you visit an Art exhibition and sale that was to raise money for a Church renovation project? Would you be willing to pay an entrance fee? Would you be open to buying some art even if it was premium priced for charity, or do you think a minimum price plus a donation box is better?

All thoughts welcome for when the right volunteer steps forward. And if anybody from Bern is reading this and wants to step up, just drop us a line at the church. We have a special email address set up:  appeal



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