How are your energy levels today? Feeling good? Was it a good weekend?

Here in Switzerland the weather was great on the weekend, if you were at 1300 metres or more. There the sun was shining, the snow was perfect and all was good with the world.


Down in the town of Bern, it was dull and cool, and even raining slightly. All the more reason to head to Church this morning. In the Church although our hearts were warm, we mainly kept our coats on. This is due to the fact that the heating system is totally inefficient. The Church is currently launching an appeal, to raise money for energy saving measures like new windows, more insulation, a better heating system and a new roof for the Vicars house.

It is a lot of money, but we are wasting an awful lot of resources through poor energy efficiency so we have to do it. Even the sermon from Peter this morning seemed relevant.

The Church is there for us all, and we should spend the money needed to ensure it is a warm and welcoming place. But first we need to raise it, and so after Church a few of us had an energizing meeting to discuss all the ideas we have had so far and decide who would do what.

The appeal will be launched at the AGM on the 10th April, and before then we have a competition running to come up with a name and a logo for the campaign. The winning title and logo will be chosen that day and then we can really get going with the publicity and the initiatives.

We are very excited about the ideas we have. There was a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the room when we were discussing it, so much in fact that I am convinced that we raised the temperature a few notches. I for one could leave my coat off.

This blog will be used to tell help publicize the appeal and to keep everyone informed. We welcome ideas and comments.

have a great week with lots of energy.


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